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PPG uses our proprietary online system, Supply Chain Procurement Management System (SCPMS) which is designed to assist with tracking, compliancemonitoring and reporting from the outreach phase through the closeout phase. Additionally, the SCPMS tracks awarded contracts (on all tier levels), invoices and payments made toward these contracts. By collecting this data we are able to track awarded and actual small business participation, as well as forecast small business achievement probability towards meeting its contractual amount. We have the ability to customize or standardize our reports at any level of specificity based on our clients’ needs. This can be done on an enterprise basis and to cover multiple reporting agencies or entities that would need to be reported as part of an enterprise reporting system. We have experience in doing this with the government (local, state and federal branches), grant-funded projects as well as public-private partnerships.

PPG moves seamlessly on an international and national access basis and improves and
simplifies the computing experience

PPG has effectively and efficiently moved away from traditional electronic access and transitioned to Cloud Computing in 2009; allowing us to move seamlessly on an international and national access basis and improve and simplify the computing experience for our team members, clients, other end users, and the IT professionals who support us. Our users are supported via a single integrated fabric that enhances the overall experience and allows the IT professional to interact easily with end users globally. No intellectual property sits on the physical hard drive of the end users’ device but sits securely on our company’s allocated storage in the Cloud. Back-up policies can easily be enforced and vulnerabilities alleviated. The network that PPG has selected uses proprietary network technology, which uniquely allows users to consolidate physical resources, simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements.

While virtualization technology is considered most popular in the server world, we have engaged trained professionals who apply the latest technology in data storage such as Storage Area Networks (SAN) and operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V. These professionals ensure our users are running the latest versions of software and the most updated anti-virus systems, through a highly filtered and secure high-speed connection to a fully-managed facility where data is stored to the last auto save moment. PPG also invests in replication for added security and safety of our data.

Advanced technology, trained IT professionals, and replication ensures data security.

Justice Solutions / Business Process Improvements

PPG’s Court Case Management and Justice Solutions application and services offers any type of court to process case management files with ease of access to data in a paperless environment. PPG has established partnerships with several consortia of vendors and developers who have national and international experience working with some of the largest court systems in the world. PPG has project consultative experience and subject matter expertise recognized by the National Association of Court Management for their work in the industry for new technology deployment and business process improvements. These services and products range from electronic and paperless filings, to automated and telephonic fine and fee payments, data collection, document control, archival retention, transactional data, and functionality of kiosks and software applications that are compatible with any system environment and compliant with required statutes of the governing agency or country. A level of flexibility allowing us to move swiftly with deployments, lowers costs and reduces the failure rate for our clients.

We also provide pre/post-deployment support to ensure successful deployment of technology and its User Acceptance Testing to meet contractual and statutory requirements for large volumes of end user environments. Specifically, PPG can assist with a monitoring program to ensure all application responsiveness requirements of a particular level of performance are met. The application’s performance will be assessed prior to roll-out in a controlled environment then monitored continuously throughout its life cycle in an effort to ensure acceptable service delivery. PPG’s performance of the application will be measured in terms of both baseline responsiveness as well as the responsiveness of the application during
periods of varying loads. Responsiveness will be measured at an aggregate level as well as a transactional level.

PPG cultivates and establishes transparent and efficient technology environments that are defensible, effective, and profitable.

PPG details the steps required to perform the described application performance assessment. The technology used to perform this assessment transitions to an around-the-clock performance monitoring implementation for ongoing service-level measurement and real-time diagnostics and notification upon acceptance by the client.

PPG conducts on-site assessments of the legacy system, transactional details/procedures/ processes, assigned resources and deployment preparation in place for integration. Parts of the daily operations and functions of the agency’s system may still reside on a legacy system (generally referred to as the current system prior to the new deployment). As an example PPG’s assessment processes may include:

Pre-Deployment – Identify top transactional processes or procedures that are working well under the legacy and what must continue for daily operations/business
of the agency or governmental entity to operate efficiently, to support the public, external stakeholders, and to ensure revenue returns are met as planned.

Pre-Deployment – Identify transactional processes that are challenges with the current legacy system that must be improved in order to ensure daily operations/business of the agency or governmental entity to operate efficiently, to support the public, external stakeholders and to meet revenue returns as well as identifying new opportunities for additional revenues.

Post Deployment – Generate data reports and trend analysis of the operational functionality and transactional detail improvements from the pre-deployment to
post-deployment phases. This provides first hand reporting and information of the entire deployment process; how the performance of the new application or system performed according to the requirements, where there were savings, efficiency gains, enhanced revenue returns and even areas where there could be exposure unless modifications are made.

PPG conducts Performance Measurement Methodologies and provides a comprehensive technology plan to help clients meet their objectives for a small entity and user base or at an enterprise system level that has a service population in the millions.

PPG conducts Performance Measurement Methodologies and provides a comprehensive technology plan to help clients meet their objectives for small entity and user base or an enterprise system level impacting service populations in the millions.