Risk Management / FCPA / TRACE Testing

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Risk Management / FCPA / TRACE Testing

PPG Global minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities to successfully manage a program. We assess and develop risk management strategies to mitigate potential risks that can adversely impact a capital program.

We understand it takes a disciplined approach to manage and control projects carefully. Our professionals use a systematic and deliberate process that meets strategic objectives through the careful management of a project from inception to completion. As part of the risk management process, we listen to our client’s objectives and priorities and then work to build consensus among project participants through the risk management process.

On Large and International projects we develop a complete Stakeholder Registry that includes all the information about the project’s stakeholders. This document identifies the people, groups, and organizations that have an interest in the work, the project, and its results, and document who is impacted by the project/program, and their influence and impact on the project/program.

Whether a risk is strategic, technical, or related to cost and schedule, PPG Global develops a customized risk register to help clients to identify risks; establish risk likelihood and consequence, and develop mitigation plans and ownership of required mitigation measures. Every step of the way, we are involved in the elements inherent in risk management, spanning from assessment and measurement of program progress to resetting of priorities based on the project’s status.

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Whether it is finding solutions for program development and implementation to the overarching goals of delivering a quality program that meets the needs and satisfies political, economic, social, and environmental objectives, our global professionals are dedicated to ensuring that the fundamentals of a successful program are achieved.

A critical part of PPG Global risk management methodology is to advance transparency world-wide by working with contracts that are in compliance with international anti-briery regulations in accordance with the Foreign Corruption Practice Act and TRACE – Anti-Bribery Compliance Solution.


Representative Services:

  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Risk Register Management
  • Risk Assessment (Third Party Risk)
  • Risk-based Due Diligence Plan
  • TRACE Testing
  • Document Control Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Anti-Corruption Training/Workshops