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who we are
The PPG Global LLC is a global company and part of the enterprise companies of The Principle Partnering Group, LLC (PPG LLC) which was established in the United States in Houston, Texas well over a decade ago and this company is to focus on our international business growth and development.

PPG Global is also well known for our transparency in how we operate with a high level of efficacy in all of our business partnerships; and we have received the professional certifications on an international level for PMI (Project Management Institute) for project management and from TRACE International; the global entity that certifies companies for their capabilities and anti-bribery proficiencies. The executive leadership and owners consist of Mr. Darryl King; Managing Principal/CEO, Ms. Sahira Abdool, Principal/CAO and Ms. Karen Becerra, Member. Their combined executive experience spans over six decades and represents a fiscal and project span of control of greater than $7B USD.
what we do
From infrastructure, supply chain products and services to technology, business solutions and equipment; PPG/PPG Global LLC will be an advocate and conduit to establish long lasting and successful relationships for small businesses on a global level and beginning with the Sub-Saharan and surrounding regions of Africa. We have a strong track record for stakeholder management and protecting the best interest of our clients and their communities on each and every project we are assigned. We have developed the intrinsic fortitude for doing the right thing the first time.

PPG/PPG Global LLC also offers services in compliance, monitoring, reporting, energy management, process improvements, feasibility analysis, data research, consultative expertise and project/program management for multiple projects in all industries. Specifically for those clients that are in transportation, infrastructure, government, municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals.
our values
PPG/PPG Global LLC believes in establishing and strengthening long lasting and effective relationships with clients, partners, the community, region and people. We understand that the impetus to success is to create collaborative synergy and to recognize the value of the diverse cultures, countries and with respect for their individual belief systems.

PPG Global’s unique value system is our ability to engage, to restore, and to expand the capacity of our relationships; for residual return on investment of their time, resources and cost. This translates into a priceless commodity, and a value added benefit of a strengthened level of fiscal positioning, efficiency gains and qualitative output for all involved.

meet our global management team

Darryl King

ceo & Member

Sahira Abdool

cao & member

Karen Becerra

Project Manager

Chana Traylor

project manager

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